I have retained all the master copies of the DVDs created over the years and in the latter years I also have a copy of the master edit file which can be transfered to a USB device. So after your name I will add DVD or DVD/USB in bold to indicated what I can supply if required. I am prepared to give them to you absolutely FREE of charge, however I cannot guarentee that they will still be functional but generally speaking they will be. This is a Gift to all my clients over the years. I also extend this offer to all the photos I have shot at weddings.

So, if you require a copy of the master copy of your DVD or a USB file then please get in touch with me. The phone number can be found on your original DVD or DVD cover. To see if I have retianed your DVD browse the list below.

This offer is only open to my actually wedding clients, the Bride and Grooms NOT Family or Guests. This would be my final parting gift to you. Here is how it could work.

You send me a stamped addressed padded envelope and I pop the master copy in the envelope to you, no money changing hands. If you also require the file on a USB file then send me a USB device and I will transfer the file. I intend that no money changes hands with me as I am no longer trading as NessProVIDEO. Anyway, you must call me so that I can make individeal arrangements.


The list will appear here in the next few weeks, in the meantime just give me a call or email Click Here

Many thanks Eddie.